Terms & Conditions

IMPORTANT: The copyright of my photographs is not for sale. Only a licence to publish, subject to the terms and conditions below, is on offer. No photograph may be passed to a third party without my prior written permission. My default licence, unless agreed otherwise in writing, is for single use only on a specified date in a specified publication. A publication in this context may be a newspaper, magazine, book, television station, brochure, event program, website or CD-ROM. It is not a combination of two or more i.e. a newspaper and its website. In the context of this agreement a photograph may be a print, a negative, a transparency or a digital version of any of these.

In the case of newspapers and magazines the fee agreed includes the image’s use in a single downloadable version of that day’s, week’s or month’s edition to a computer, a tablet or ebook device, of what is essentially a facsimile of the printed edition. It does not include website use for which a separate fee and conditions are applicable.

In the case of television stations a fee is chargeable for each use on a bulletin or programme.  Any additional use of a photograph on a broadcasters’s website will be chargeable separately. 

In the case of photographs supplied to television stations or to companies providing programmes to television stations for transmission by radio, cable or online the images supplied should be embedded within the programs in a video format only. For still photographs used within a programme made for television the fee agreed will be strictly for the rights stated in my invoice.

All fees should be agreed in writing (by letter or email) in advance if no written agreement is already in existence between myself and the prospective publisher. My photographs are for editorial use only. Model and property release forms are not available for any of my photographs. 

In print media visible acknowledgement of copyright adjacent to my images is obligatory. I reserve all legal rights as well as normal copyright for all my photographs. Where a photograph is used on a website visible acknowledgement of copyright is obligatory. Copyright information imbedded in the digital image must not be deleted or altered in any way without my permission. Any online image must also be visibly watermarked i.e. ©victorpatterson.com

Where the user of a photograph is located in the UK and agreed reproduction fees are in existence I will give the necessary written permission for self-billing.

Where I am commissioned to take photographs the copyright will belong to me unless agreed otherwise in advance in writing. 

A condition of all publications is that I am advised promptly in writing (letter or email) of every usage, initial and subsequent. The use of any photograph without prior agreement will be interpreted as acceptance by the publisher of my terms and conditions. If the publisher of a photograph fails to advise me within 30 days of its use or subsequent re-use a 100% surcharge on the normal fee will apply. The above terms and conditions are solely intended to protect me against misuse and/or unlawful use of my photographs. They are also intended to protect me against loss of earnings. They are not intended to deter or make life difficult for bona fide publishers. If any of the above terms and conditions cause you a difficulty please speak to me.

In the case of regular users I am happy to discuss mutually acceptable terms & conditions. 


Victor Patterson 

(updated 1 December 2015)